Rules & Regulations Project Rules
  1. You will have 4 days to complete your project.
    • Don't copy pasta code (small snippets with credit are welcome of course!)
    • Don't use old completed projects (see rule #1)
    • Just don't plagiarize! Instead of finding creative ways to cheat
      just use that brainpower to build something cool!
  2. There are no more rules.
    • Create anything you want! Hardware, software, a combination of the two?
      Anything is welcome :)
  Presentation Guidelines
  1. Teams must consist of the same people that they started with.
  2. Teams will submit the entirety of their code and any external sources used in a Github repository.
  3. Teams will submit a 2 minute video showing project functionality placed in the root of their repo
    Format must be [projectname]_[presentation].mp4
  4. Judges will review and deliberate over the weekend, decisions will be announced by EOD Monday!